Another shoot with Eric. Another chance for her to work those dimples. Although different from many of Eric’s pictures I love that they give a sense of what it’s like to be around her. I also love Eric’s plaid trousers.

Even the highest-end fashion brands and magazines are subject to Instagram’s influence. They’ve been drawn in to the exaggerated, waxwork skin retouching common in filters. The more I see this trend, the more I love the grainy, blurry pictures that still make editorials. Photographers have done this for years but they stand out more today than ever. I don’t often have the confidence to use this style but in this shoot they are by far my favourite pictures.

Hello. I'm Darren Shaw, a software developer at Net-A-Porter, which I've occasionally written about.

I also play at being a portrait photographer - but it's just a hobby. I love the photographs of Boo George, Norman Jean Roy, Steven Meisel and especially Peter Lindbergh. I've also written about why I like their pictures. I sometimes do test shoots, so if you're interested in working together please get in touch.

Darren, June 2022.