I love photography, but it’s just a hobby. It’s not a side hustle or to make money from. I just like taking pictures and working to make them better. I’m not really a fashion, portrait or beauty photographer, I’m definitely not a story teller, but I’m best at taking pictures of people.

I got in to photography through Rankin and the pictures he made with Heidi Klum in the early 2000s. I’ve since grown to appreciate Boo George, Norman Jean Roy, Steven Meisel and especially Peter Lindbergh. I sometimes write about why I love their pictures.

Away from photography I work as a software developer in the recommendations and search team at Net-A-Porter. I sometimes write about that too.

I do test shoots, so if you’re interested in working together please get in touch by email or find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Darren, September 2021.